Thursday, December 14, 2017

Think Before You Act BUT Interrogate Your Thoughts

.3 Seconds. 

I read somewhere that that’s the time it takes between having a thought and acting on that thought.

To an Olympic athlete .3 seconds can be the difference between a Gold Medal and not making it onto the podium. To an ordinary human being .3 seconds can be the difference between thinking a stupid thought and being accused of sexual harassment, being fired, or other negative outcomes.

What can you do in those .3 seconds? Breathe. Ask yourself… Why am I having that thought right now? What emotion am I feeling? Am I feeling threatened, weak, alienated, angry? Do I want the person in front of me to respect me more, like me more, just plain go away? Do I want this person to hurt like they have hurt me? Do I think this person needs to be taken down a peg? Is this thought/idea that I’m about to act on or speak really even my thought or is it an old cultural or societal belief that I’ve adopted?

Just asking yourself one of those questions could save you from doing or saying something that you’ll regret. And if you’ve asked the right question, you may even discover another way to deal with your fear, feeling of threat or need for respect. If something about the other person triggers you, there are ways to create a conversation that addresses how you feel and eliminates the need for you to do or say something that will only exacerbate the situation.

Olympic athletes train constantly to erase the .3 seconds that separates them from their competitor or even their own record. Shouldn’t we train as diligently to make good use of the .3 seconds that separates us from doing or saying something that could potentially ruin our lives?
I'm dedicated to working with individuals and organizations to give them the tools they need to navigate those .3 seconds and beyond.

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In the next .3 seconds ask yourself, how much better off would I or my team be if we knew how to communicate more effectively?

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