Saturday, June 10, 2017

SPEAK YOU Class - a Public Speaking Bootcamp. Huge Success!

 by Sarah Solomon, Social Media, Marketing, SpeakEtc.
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Robyn at her first ever Speak You event right here in NYC. During this 4-hour interactive workshop, Robyn dug deep into the world of effective communication, hitting all of its key elements including body language, vocal tone, content writing, eye contact, gesturing and much more.

Participants came from all different backgrounds including a former attorney who teaches Public Speaking; a New York Times accountant; a Military Vet who speaks on Veteran affairs; a Laughter Yoga teacher and more. Each participant had a unique vantage point and story which is what made the class so interesting.

They were all able to visualize, create and present their signature speech in front of each other and receive honest feedback on their presentation styles and left with a clear outline for their Signature Speech.

With Robyn's expertise and creative way of helping others discover their passion, these 8 strangers were able to own their stage with a new found confidence in their content. It was incredible to see how supportive everyone was and see the change in each persons presentation at the end. Empowering and transformative, Speak You was an incredible opportunity to network, learn, create and discover.

If you’re interested in finding out about the next Speak YOU experience - 
Email Robyn! and put SPEAK YOU in the subject line.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Sharing Your Story - 3 Women who Embraced Their Albatross & How You Can Too

by Robyn Hatcher

I often talk about how important it is to share your personal story or - Embrace your Albatross as I called it in my recent Keynote Speech.

As a member of New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) -  an organization of professional women in media and communications, I’ve attended recent events recently with incredible speakers who demonstrate the power of sharing your story.

One event was with the amazing Madonna Badger, founder and chief Creative Officer at Badger & Winters, an advertising, branding and design agency.

Madonna began her presentation about how women are portrayed in advertising by asking for her slides to be turned off. Before she began her formal presentation, she wanted to share how she’d been struggling emotionally around the recent death of her ex-husband. She went on to relate her life-altering experience of losing her parents and three daughters in a fire from which she was able to escape. You could have heard a pin drop.