Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Is your wardrobe keeping up?

I asked my friend and colleague, Fashion Stylist Tania Sterl to write something about Spring Training for your wardrobe.  Here’s what she had to say. Enjoy!

First and most importantly-get clear on your goals and desires and so you can dress with intention. 
Think about dressing for the next level.  

  • Who do you want to meet/impress/do business with?
  • What opportunities are you seeking to attract?
  • What important events must you dress for?
  • What is your next income goal?
Dressing with intention draws others towards you - magnetizes them.

Often I tell my clients, not only should that coat, suit, shirt or dress be something you "love" - instinctively without doubt. It should actually scare you a little bit - cause you to wonder - "Am I worthy of this amazing power purse (or briefcase)?" Yes you are!

That's dressing for the next level.

When you take risks you grow. And taking small risks with your clothing can help you grow as well. And it just might be what will help take you to the next level.