Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Digging for Communication Gold

I’m captivated every 2 years when the Olympics roll around. Winter or Summer, I’m hooked.  It’s such a testament to the human spirit and to our incredible potential.

I was struck by footage of Michael Phelps studying video of a previous race. It was amazing to me (and to the announcers) that someone who had already accrued 21 gold medals was still striving to study and improve themselves. How many of us can say the same?
One of my favorite Olympic commercials this year is this one for Dick’s Sporting Goods its tagline - “Gold… it’s in all of us. But only some have the strength to dig it out.” 

I guess you could call me a gold digger because one of the things I love about my work is the thrill I get helping to uncover the gold buried in others. How much of your gold have you unearthed?

3 ways to dig for the gold in you:
 ·         Go Prospecting:
o   Set aside some quiet time for yourself and think back on your eight-year old self. What did he/she dream about? What seemed vitally important to you then? Often, the raw material for your gold medal self, was forged around that time.
·         Start Mining:
o   Make a list of all the positive things anyone has ever said about you. Really give yourself time to think and reflect. We are always so quick to remember the negative things people say (Don’t beat yourself up about that. Our brains are actually wired that way) but keep digging until you can unearth as many positive things as you can remember. Write them down.
o    Also make a list of feedback you’ve gotten that was not that positive.
o   Then do some above ground research. Become hyper vigilant in looking for feedback you get on a daily basis. Including your own internal feedback. How comfortable are you in a particular situation? With a particular type of person? Delivering a particular type of communication?
·         Start Polishing:
o   Take the positive raw material you’ve unearthed about yourself - your purpose that you discovered from your core 8-year-old self and the positive qualities you’ve mined from positive feedback you’ve gotten. And with it…

o   Create an Avatar of yourself. Think of you standing atop the gold medal podium. What are you looking like? What are you sounding like? What are you feeling? Make it as detailed as possible.
o   Look at your other qualities. The ones your Avatar DOESN’T have. Is it your vocal tone? Your word choices? Your attitude? Your posture, gestures, facial expressions? Your lack of confidence? Whatever it is, create a game plan – an Olympic training regimen.
o   Be like Phelps and video yourself and watch it back. Or just audio record some conversations. Ask yourself, ‘Would my Avatar look or sound like that?’ Sometimes just bringing the issue to the forefront is enough to start you on the road to change. If you need to hire a coach? Do your research and find one that will help you bring home the gold.

I’m constantly digging for my own gold and the gold in others. I’m here if you need me. 

Gold in US!

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